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Circle of Love: Friends for Adoption & How-to

Circle of Love: Friends for Adoption & How-to


Alpaca Fan

Adoption certificate, birthday and holiday card, quarterly e-updates about your alpaca from the farm

$95/year+ hst

Alpaca Enthusiast

Adoption certificate, birthday and holiday card, quarterly e-updates about your alpaca from the farm

1-hour farm visit for 4


Alpaca deLuxe

Organic Winter Warming Gift Basket (hand balm, exclusive alpaca terry socks and alpaca nesting ornament)

+ 1-hour farm visit for 4

+ Alpaca Fan personalized content

$295 /year + hst


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AnnaCuillere (it means spoon!)

Cuillère is a bold and independent young alpaca who has the best pronk in the barn. She loves to run and play and has grown up very fast. She likes to check out that her mom is nearby but often explores very far away!! She has beautiful brown eyes. A true herd leader in the making. Born in 2020 she represents a hopeful future!

Vesper 2021

Vesper is a pretty brown female cria from 2021 who very sadly lost her mom after birth. She is a bottle-fed cria which means we feed her 6 times a day with goat’s milk until she is old enough to eat on her own. We are rooting for her and the other aunties in the barn who have so carefully made sure she is well cared for.

Jeudredi 2021

Who doesn’t love Jeudredi? This lovely lad represents joy that blossoms when you get to Thursday (Jeudi) but don’t have to work Friday (Vendredi). Maybe you celebrate with a bit of wine? Jeudredi loves a bit of Friday kibble to let his hair down.

Who doesn’t need a little Jeudredi in their life?!

Al Purdy 2021

Whoa, baby, look at those eyes! Al Purdy is our nod to all things Literary. Named after Al Purdy the Canadian Poet who has his famous A-frame writers residence right here in Prince Edward County; Al is ALpaca and he sure is Pretty (Purrrrrddddyyyy).

Great for bookish folk and those who love a good pun.

Princess Blue

Blue is one of our first alpacas and much to our shock she suffered a blood clot in her brain shortly after arriving with us. Even more surprising, she survived after 2 months of nursing her in the barn. Blue is pretty special, has lots of quirks, and is a true survivor. She loves to be loved on!

Epic is a gentle old soul and farm favourite

Epic is a true gentleman and always a favourite with those who are a little hesitant around animals. His gorgeous eyes and soft gentle soul make everyone feel comfortable.Like many older animals, Epic gets special high-calorie food to help him stay plump especially in the winter!