Uggghhh. 2020 is over but the Lockdown is Back .

Unfortunately we are unable to re-open under the current provincial plan for Southern Ontario to be in Lockdown until late January 2021.

We  thank you for all of your support, interest, good will and good wishes for the alpacas. 

All bookings are currently suspended.

>>> Check later for availability! <<<

Welcome to Noble Beast Farms!  We are a quirky, creative,  alpaca farm in the heart of Prince Edward County. We shepherd and care for a flock of 60+ funny and curious alpacas as well as a host of other heritage and rare-breed animals.  When we are not tending to our herd, we are busy restoring our heritage barn and caring for our property’s unique County biodiversity.

Alpacas are highly personable herd animals from the camelid family. Originally from South America, their fibre is spun into warm and soft yarns. Following the movement of farm to table;  local fibre production gifts us with a field to frock product that is warm (great for Canadian winters), soft, hypoallergenic (no lanolin) and 100% sustainable. We carry 100% on-farm alpaca yarns, fibre and felt products at the farm and on-line on a seasonal basis. 

Farm Experiences are currently on HOLD due to COVID-19 public health restrictions.  We are continuously evaluating when and how it would be appropriate to have on-farm visits start again.  Please contact us at info@noblebeastfarms.com for enquiries and to be on a wait-list.