Welcome to Noble Beast Farms… We are a quirky, creative,  working alpaca farm in the heart of Prince Edward County. We shepherd and care for a flock of 80+ funny and curious alpacas as well as a host of other heritage and rare-breed animals.  When we are not tending to our herd, we are busy restoring our heritage barn and caring for our property’s unique County biodiversity. We focus on animal health, breeding, and small-scale on-farm experiences that foster a connection with the land and the animals. We sell and breed alpacas as well as foster a number of rescues.

Summer bookings are NOW OPEN! for our fantastic half-day event “Alpaca No Zoom Zoom ! and our summer short tour “The Bloomin’ Welly Little Trekk”.

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  1. Trekks and Tours. For Summer 2021 our signature offering is “Alpaca No Zoom Zoom!” A half-day event with a light farm meal that will allow you to truly unwind and experience a relaxed, unrushed farm visit. Disconnect from the on-line world and reconnect with nature through the eyes of our alpacas on the farm. We also have a shorter trekk for those who prefer a 1 hour visit called “The Bloomin’ Welly Little Trekk.”

2. Join the Circle of Alpaca Love! Adopt an alpaca rescue or one with special needs. Gift an adoption to a friend or loved one and receive a year of personal alpaca updates and eco-friendly alpaca swag (we are a plastic-free PEC farm). Included in all sponsorships is a free one-on-one alpaca farm visit to meet your sponsored alpaca. This is not the purchase of a live alpaca but rather an annual gift subscription to support and connect with an special creature. Need a gift?? Alpaca some Joy!

3. Sales and Breedings. We offer purchase of animals from recovered rescues through to show quality. Breedings can be done on or off farm with a number of our select studs.

4. 100% Ontario-grown alpaca products. 100% natural. 100% traceable. Enjoy the sustainable luxury of alpaca products (and a few other goodies) in our Farm Shop. Can’t visit yet?? Check out our online offerings here.

5. Giving Back. Check out our Giving Back Page for more information on how we give to the community (under construction!)

 Please contact us at info@noblebeastfarms.com for enquiries and custom activity requests.

Farm Tours & Treks

Summer and Fall Bookings are NOW AVAILABLE for June to October. All farm activities are by reservation only. We can’t wait to meet you!

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The boys grazing under a perfectly placed rainbow. Sometimes even intstagram can’t beat nature!

Summer 2021 Signature Series Event – Bookings NOW OPEN!

“Alpaca No Zoom Zoom!”

Disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with nature on this immersive half-day experience on our heritage alpaca farm.  This experience is a 2.5 – 3-hour (1/2 day)  outdoor trekk through various parts of the farm woven together with identifying natural items to build your own alpaca fibre nesting ornament that you will take home.

With the help of our alpaca ambassadors you will find yourself slowing down and connecting to the natural rhythms of the farm.

Listen to the sounds of the fields and forests, learn about the unique ecology of Prince Edward County, feel the softness of alpaca hugs, laugh as you engage in alpaca-people playtime, be amazed as alpaca fibre you pick is spun into yarn. 

We finish the experience with a picnic of local food items – a 4 PM farmer’s high tea fondly called “Lupper!” This hearty snack will fuel you until your evening meal.

$169 adults 16 and over / $89 6 – 15 / 5 and under free.

The Bloomin’ Welly Little Trekk

This little trekk is the baby sister of our longer 1/2 day “Alpaca no Zoom Zoom” immersive farm experience.

Inspired by the two hip and hoppin’ towns that flank our farm — Bloomfield and Wellington — this 1 hour experience with the alpacas is a perfect event to kick off your day in the County. Trekk includes about 30 minutes walking an alpaca and an additional 30 min interacting with alpacas where you can feed them and watch them play.

Great for shorter attention spans and folks on the go, this activity is well-suited for kids from 0 – 100 and beyond.

Adults 16 and over (have their own alpaca to walk) $79 / Children 6 – 15 $49 / 5 and under free.

Circle of Love

The Noble Beast Circle of Love is how we bring Alpaca Love to you when You can’t come to the alpacas.

Form an unforgettable personal connection with an animal on the farm. Meet Thunder (the famous) donkey, Eddie, Rex and Louet the very friendly goats or nourish Blue’s heart, our very, very most special alpaca (see Blue’s Story ~ coming soon).

Alpacas are great companions during COVID-times. By the magic of the internet and Instagram, you can enjoy the beauty, peace and humour of your adopted alpaca.

Giving back: 5% of all alpaca adoption fees are donated to educational initiatives supporting alpaca health in Ontario. As a show of ongoing support for Walking With Thunder, a full 50% of adoption fees raised through Joe and Thunder’s Sponsorships are donated to mental health and arts charities in the Hastings Prince Edward area.

Alpaca & Friends ADOPTION

One year of Alpaca Love from an alpaca (or other farm friend) of your choice includes:

  1. A personalized welcome card, certificate and photo from your alpaca (hard copy) with their profile including favourite foods, colours, songs and barn friends.
  2. An e-mail birthday greeting from your alpaca (or other special event greeting of your choice)
  3. A quarterly e-mail story installment about what your alpaca has been up to
  4. A 1-hour on-farm private visit and photo session with your alpaca in the year of adoption or renewal.
  5. First selection to purchase any products made from your alpaca’s fibre (yarn,felt, knits) before offered for sale in our shop (does not apply to our non-alpaca adoptees : )
  6. 10% NBF shop discount.
  7. Endless alpaca laughter and love (priceless!)
  8. $95+HST for one year to anywhere in the world.

Fine Print

Alpaca adoption indicates a one year subscription to the services noted above and does not imply ownership in any way of the animal in question. Adoption packages last one year. Additional yearly fees will not be charged unless you choose a renewal option. Addresses and emails are not shared with any third parties.



Summer is here at last! The animals are shorn, the weather is warm and restrictions are easing so we can all start exploring the world outside. Noble Beast Farms is a working farm which means we grow the food and care for the animals here on the farm. We have an intimate knowledge of our land, the climate and the animals in our care. Some of our weekly time is set aside for this important work that forms the backbone of our farm activities.

We are currently open for small groups by reservation only. There is no open access to the farm or animals at this time. This allows us to keep volumes low and abide by all covid restrictions.

  • MONDAY Closed! We are out farming the farm today!
  • TUESDAY Closed! You didn’t think working the farm just took one day, did you?
  • WEDNESDAY On-farm visits available by on-line reservation
  • THURSDAY Private bookings
  • FRIDAY On-farm visits available by on-line reservation
  • SATURDAY On-farm visits available by on-line reservation
  • SUNDAY Closed until the shop is ready. ETA August 2021

We warmly welcome to shop online, email for information or book a summer experience while we work hard on the farm to make things beautiful for you!